a storybook for children with cancer

You’ll Be All Right Buddy!: A Storybook for Children with Cancer

As a kid, having cancer is a pretty scary thing. There are so many questions, so many bald people in the clinic and in the hospital… And losing your hair at a young age can be a big deal. (It can also be a big deal later on so I hear.) Diagnosis When I was […]

what is eyebombing

What is Eyebombing

Hobbies can be fun, but some can also be really friggin’ weird. There are normal hobbies and not-so-normal hobbies. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t have normal hobbies. Watching football is a normal hobby. Cooking, hunting and reading are normal hobbies. Then there’s Knitting Knockers. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s for a really good cause. So click […]

is God an alien

Is God an Alien?

I’ve spent many nights watching Ancient Aliens. It wasn’t always so much because of the alien part, although that was cool stuff, but it was more about the places the crazy-haired guy and the other alien chasers visited.—Machu Picchu, Rennes Les Chateau, Easter Island, etc. Let’s face it, I have to work and probably won’t be […]

Robot Stripper Built from Mannequin Parts to Pole-Dance at Sex Show

Are Those Real? We’re done. The world now has robotic strippers. I mean, not like some of the strippers out there aren’t robotic anyway (No offense to strippers, or dancers or whatever.)-Oh and not like I would know. Except for that one time on my 21st birthday where my friends thought it would be hilarious […]

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