ryan hamnerThanks so much for checking out my website, or maybe you just got lost and ended up here. I’m Ryan Hamner, a 4-time cancer survivor, musician, writer and online marketer—and I’m random, easily distracted and hyperactive—squirrel!

I’m originally from Columbus, Georgia and yes I have a southern accent. Some even say I sound like a “country boy.” I have addictions to coffee, blogging, martial arts, documentaries, working out, people watching and for some strange reason I have a fascination with aliens and late-night infomercials. Don’t ask! (Remember the Slap Chop?)

The Musician

Music has always been a huge part of my life. As a child music had a way of getting me through hard times like chemotherapy and everything else that came with having cancer, as well as everyday life.

I can remember my brother and I recording our favorite songs off of “Kasey Kasem’s Weekly Top 40.” I apologize 80’s artists, we probably oh you some cash for lost royalties.

I can also remember my dad playing guitar—which totally blew my mind. With his influence and the insane guitar riffs of a kid named Jamey from down the street, I decided to start playing guitar around the age of 14—and man I couldn’t stop.

After a record deal with Mighty Loud Records in 2008, I went on to write songs that were used by organizations including #WorldCancerDay, the American Cancer Society and The Nashville Rescue Mission

The Writerryan hamner

I’ve always loved to create. Some of my creations were nothing short of trash, or was actually trash rather—but hey, it was a creation and part of my continual evolution into becoming a better musician, writer and marketer—another squirrel!

I can remember as a kid, writing books at my grandparent’s print shop, small, ridiculous books that is. One was named, The Mornz. It was a science fiction book about martians taking over the earth. (Yeah, I had the alien fascination back then too.) The other book was called, Maro the Martian (The Mornz part II). At any rate, these books were surprisingly never picked up by any major publishers.

In 1999 however, while recovering from my bone marrow transplant, I wrote and illustrated my book for children with cancer entitled, You’ll Be All Right, Buddy! This book was picked up by Blue Cross Blue Shield. I had a great time traveling and reading this book to different kids all over the country.

In 2011 my work was featured in Coping with Cancer. Which was an absolute honor because I used to read this magazine as a kid with cancer.

Today you can find my other articles published on websites such as CureToday.com and 2surviveonline.com.

Music Licensing and Questions

If you have a question about me speaking, writing, performing or licensing my music, please email me and we can chat. Email me at: ryanhamNermusic[at]gmail.com.

Stay strong,


My Crazy Blog

Check out my latest blogs. I write about aliens, Bitcoin and even eye-bombing. Yeah, weird I know.

Get in Touch

If you need to reach me, drop me a line at ryanhamnermusic [at] gmail.com.