5 Things You Should Never Compromise On

never compromise on these things Throughout my life, I’ve learned that there are some things you just can’t compromise on. Yeah, you may save a few bucks, but in the end it’s just not worth it.

Below are five items I refuse to compromise on as far as quality.

1. Toilet Paper
People! Never compromise on toilet paper! I’m sure that many of you know this and have your own bad stories of using cheap toilet paper. So just what happens when you buy and use cheap toilet paper? Well, one thing that happens is that it tears at the most inopportune times. Yuck! – This then requires you to use more soap! Secondly, you have to use half of the roll to get the job done. – So basically, this one step ends up costing you more! So when it comes to toilet paper, don’t compromise! Get the good stuff!

2. Haircuts
Need a haircut? Need it today and don’t want to wait? STOP! Do NOT just go to any ol’ walk-in place. People are judged by their haircuts, i.e. the mullet, the bowl cut! Do not get your hair wrecked by a young, hungover stylist fresh out of beauty school. – Because then, you’ll just have to go and get another haircut to fix the damage! Get your ears lowered by a pro! You may have to wait a few days for your appointment, but it will be worth it! – And your hair will thank you!

3. Shoes
Wow. You just saved $20 on shoes by purchasing cheap shoes! So this means in a couple of months you’ll have to… Buy more shoes, and your feet will often times be a bit uglier than before (Face it people, no feet are really attractive.) from wearing your cheap shoes! Deals on good shoes are one thing, but cheaply made shoes are a no-go!

4. Coffee
Not only should you not compromise on the quality of your coffee, but cheap coffee should just flat out be against the law! Coffee makes me tick. It gets me going in the morning. It gets my creative juices flowing. It keeps me from wanting to bite people on the neck. – And nothing sucks worse than a cheap cup of burnt or old coffee. By the way, check out the Cappucino here.

5. Your Partner
This isn’t an item that you buy, or should buy however. – But anyway, never compromise on your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. You’ll just waist time and most likely it will eventually end. And sometimes it will end horribly. – In flames! So think before you date/marry!


Ryan Hamner

4-time cancer survivor. Musician. Writer. Coffee Drinker.

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