Writer’s block. Good lawdy it’s a PITA. It’s like, like, like, wait, I can’t seem to think of it. Yes, it’s exactly like that. You want to write so bad. You’ve thought all day about how later on in the evening you are going to write the most killer blog ever—and then when it is time to write that killer blog, you have no idea what it’s going to be about. Ahhh man.

Below are 6 things that can help you beat the hell out of the writer’s funk.

Get Some New Material

In order to have new material to write about, you need to discover new material to write about. One of those ways comes in the form of reading. This isn’t exactly the most shocking revelation. Heck, you read to discover new information for writing papers in school or use Google to find information on the simplest of things. i.e. Is the movie John Wick any good? (Yes, it’s great.) How do you make that chicken stuff that I saw in the Facebook video? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? (I have no friggin’ clue man.) So if you want to get some new material to write about, read more. Two of my favorite ways of getting reading material are through subscribing to topics in Google News and using Audible (yes I cheat). I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read… err, listened to on Audible. Your daily drive to and from work can become your daily dose of new information with Audible. (Yer welcome Audible!)

Freeze Your Arse Off

I hate being cold, so I may skip out on this one. However taking a cold shower increases alertness and overall oxygen intake. I know, you may be thinking, where the heck did you get this from? Google my friends. I learned it on Google—and if Google says it’s true, it’s true.

Learn About Reptilians

Another favorite of mine is watching documentaries. I watch some weird documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I watch a variety of documentaries that cover everything: aliens, pyramids, motorcycle clubs, the drug krocodile, fast food, washed up wrestlers, Pablo Escobar, Bitcoin, ghosts, the buying and selling of kidneys on the black market, reptilians and that one about that dude who they think was abducted and eaten by some cannibals in that remote jungle in that country where there is that big mountain. Yeah, that one.

Go Rogue!

I do this one a lot. Sometimes when I can’t think of anything to write about, I just start writing whatever comes to mind. I just turn my fingers loose on the keyboard. I may end up with 5 paragraphs of garbage detailing an alien motorcycle club full of wrestlers who quit shortly after selling their kidneys on the black market. (That actually sounds like a cool topic.) Really though, this trick does something to the brain. Try it some time.

Your Brain, Give it a Rest

This one is the easiest of all. Sometimes I overstimulate my brain throughout the day and at night when I decide to write, I just can’t focus because my brain is frrrrrrrried. I’ve found that if I can just make myself walk away and let my brain recover, I can often come back later and write something that I feel good enough about to let others see. This is another favorite because I can also use this time to watch a documentary on, well, aliens.

Get Jacked Up

No, not on roids, although brain roids would be pretty badass. Anyway, simply drink some coffee, maybe while taking that cold shower. Heck, we all know the amazing things caffeine can do to the brain. It gets you amped up and ready to go. If you combine this one with reading more, watching a documentary and resting your brain, you could be dangerous—a friggin’ writing ninja.

6 Things You Can Do To Beat the Hell Out of Writer’s Block
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6 Things You Can Do To Beat the Hell Out of Writer’s Block
Writer’s block. Good lawdy it’s a PITA. It’s like, like, like, wait, I can’t seem to think of it. Yes, it’s exactly like that. You want to write so bad. You’ve thought all day...
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