bitcoin and fake news

Bitcoin, Big Banks and Fake News

“Media spin,” “fake news,” “disinformation,” “propaganda,” they are all “a thing” from what I understand. You might be thinking, “Am I about to read another article about the election?” No, I’ll save you from that. If you ever search “Bitcoin” on Google news, you’ll be able to see the latest “news” about the digital currency—but […]

Why You Should Believe in Bitcoin’s Future

I got into Bitcoin in January of 2017. Since then I’ve dabbled in automated trading platforms, trading alt coins and have experienced a few forking “forks“—those scary things that are always going to tear a hole in the universe or something. However, I’ve always believed in Bitcoin, no matter the speculation and hype associated with […]

How to Earn Bitcoin With Your Website

If you like Bitcoin and you have a website, you can earn Bitcoin by simply placing ads on your website. If you could care less about Bitcoin, maybe you should reconsider, because as a blogger you could be earning more passive income. [Read “How to Buy Bitcoin with Coinbase”] In 2009, Bitcoin was originally worth fractions […]

How to Buy Bitcoin with Coinbase

If you haven’t been watching lately, the price of Bitcoins are going up and up and up—surging! I watched Bitcoin go from $840 to roughly $1,000 in about two weeks. This blog will show you exactly what I did to buy my Bitcoins and get in on the action. Buying Ain’t Easy! Let me just say, […]