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what is the best vacuum for pet hair

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What is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Finding the Right Vacuum for Pet Hair What is the best vacuum for pet hair? I spent months asking myself this question before moving into my new apartment. At the time, I had a puppy who was not even a year old. His hair would go everywhere, which was fine. I just wanted an efficient […]

what food is the best for your bug out bag

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What is the Best Food for Your Bug Out Bag?

What is the best food for your bug out bag? When building your 72-hour bug out bag, food is something you definitely want to include. However, not just any food is going to work. You definitely don’t want to be weighed down with cans of Campbell’s soup if you end up having to hike several […]

are nixon watches worth it

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Are Nixon Watches Worth It?

Are Nixon watches worth it? Well that depends on what you are willing to pay for a Nixon watch. To me, having a nice watch is kind of like a thing for me. It’s a necessity. I feel like an empty man without a cool watch on my arm. Plus, I’ve always loved watches since […]

Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 35 noise cancelling headphones may have recently saved one of my favorite past times. And that past time is sitting in my favorite coffee shop, listening to good music, while writing about anything from cancer, to Bitcoin, to even aliens. Up until a month ago, I’d been using the regular ol’ headphones […]