Song Lyrics

A few of my Twitter friends asked for lyrics to my song, “Survivors Survive” (The Anthem for Survivors) and “Where Hope Lives,” written for the American Cancer Society. So the lyrics are below.


– Ryan

Survivors Survive

Not a day goes by
That you don’t think of the time
They told you all was okay
Go live your life now you’re fine

[Pre chorus]
And it will be all right
How does it feel to survive?

All around the world
Stand up and join hands
Shine your lights to the sky
Celebrate a new life
Never felt so alive
That’s how it feels to survive
When a survivor survives
We’re all survivors tonight
We’re all survivors tonight

After all of these trials
Through fears and tears we still smile
Hope as our strongest ally
Go live your life now you’re fine

[Pre chorus]
It will be all right
How does it feel to survive?


Every scar inside
Shows you won the fight
every tear you’ve cried
will wash you inside
A survivor’s life
is surviving times
when all you had in life
Was a desire to fight
we’re survivors tonight (2x)



Where Hope Lives

Where can you go
that feels warm like home
after a long day’s fight
somewhere you’re not alone
Where is a place to repair
with walls of affection
where can you go
Oh where will you go

This is where hope lives
This is where hope thrives
Together as one we
All laugh and we cry
This is where hope breathes
A thousand stories collide
It’s where hope heals
And while you’re far from home
You’re still at home tonight

A house painted with love
Protects the worn from the cold
A love painted with desire
To revive and soothe your soul
It will hold your heart
In its fostering hands
Tell me where can you go
Oh where can you go


This is not just a story
This is not just a song
This is life for all of us
who walk through these halls
This is not just a few words to make everyone believe
This is our hearts spilled onto paper
This is the help that sets us free