ways to annoy your coworkers

5 MORE Ways to Tick Off Your Coworkers

ways to annoy your coworkers Look, work can drive us all crazy. If you work anywhere long enough you’ll have those folks that get on your nerves. Well, here are some great ways to tick off those coworkers that make you want to run head first towards the tenth story office window.

5 Easy Ways to Tick Off Your Coworkers

1. Fresh coffee?

You like fresh coffee just like everyone else in the office right? Great! Next time you drink the last cup of coffee, do your coworkers a great disservice by simply NOT placing a new filter and more coffee into the AUTOMATED coffee maker and pressing the button to make more coffee. I mean, certainly people will understand that you don’t exactly have 60 seconds to waste making coffee of all things. Besides, somebody else can do it.

2. Skip calls but…

Are you supposed to be on a call that’s very important to the team? Are you a key-player on this call (probably not!)? At any rate, just skip it. You have better things to do. Remember? Making coffee is certainly not one of them, but maybe playing Candy Crush, texting or something like that will suffice. Oh yeah, don’t forget to send an invite to the team (whose call you just skipped) about the Christmas team outing, will it be bowling, Applebees… or both?

3. Did you have a question?

Number three is one of the best ways to tick of your coworkers. You are on one of those important calls. No for real. This time it is important. You made it and you can tell it’s important because you don’t have anything of value to add to the call. Great! But, at the end of the call, needle the hell out of the team or presenter with questions that are either irrelevant or time-wasting.  Then go drink the last cup of coffee… again. Hurry though, your 2-hour lunch break is coming up.

4. It’s not that complicated, or is it?

(See number 3.) As you ask your questions, make sure you complicate the most simple concepts and decisions that have already been agreed upon. This will lower frustration and build a sense of “team”. This guide right here can help you with the corporate-speak you need to make you a conference call phenom!

5. Who did you just email?

Next time that coworker, whose fresh coffee you couldn’t make because of your own selfishness, whose call you skipped and whom you needle with questions, emails you about something because you missed another call, respond right away with a question. If he doesn’t answer in like 5 minutes, send a reply and copy his boss because you just want everyone to be “in the loop” and “on the same page.” (Holy monkey crap I hate those phrases.)


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